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Bathory rose blend I


Víno Bojnice 2023 – Category winner of dry rosé wines
Gyermely wine competition – Gold Medal


Classification: Dry red wine

Wine family: Bathory

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon ’21 (45%), Syrah ’22 (35%), Merlot ’22 (20%)

Sugar content of must: 22 °NM at all the grapetypes

Alcohol by volume: 15 %

Residual sugar: 3,8 g/l

Acidity: 6,67 g/l

Vineyard: Szentlászló Vineyard (Bátorove Kosihy, Slovakia), organic farming and biological protection

Soil: loamy, clay, loess soil

Winemaking process:hand – picked, controlled fermentation at lower temperatures, 43% one year in new french oak barrels sur lie, unfiltered

Aroma and taste: Rose wine doesn’t have to be just an easy-drinkable summer wine. Blending of Cabernet Sauvignon ’21 for fruitiness, Syrah ’22 for acidity, Merlot ’22 for body and structure. A wide range of sensations – strawberries, cream, red berries, red currant leaf, black pepper. We chose a barrel that, doesn’t just increase the structure and body, also highlights the red berry fruitiness in the wine. Maturing on fine lees increases complexity, roundness and seriousness. Precipitation of tartrate crystals or sediment is the result of a natural process; it does not affect the quality of the wine.

Food pairing: full body, tannic structure, firm acidity, fruitiness… very easy to pair. From seafood to heavier BBQ dishes, it is able to handle most of the dishes which are regularly paired with rosé wines

Serving temperature: between 10 – 12 °C

Bottle maturity: 2 – 6 years

Bottle capacity: 0,75 L


Wine suitable for histamine sensitive people (total content under 0,25mg/l).

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