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The poetry of sun caught in the glass. Wine. We combine the tradition of our ancestors with modern technology and constantly looking for those winemaking methods that satisfy all your senses. Taste everything that “terroir” of Bátorove Kosihy offers us.

Welcome to our family owned winery – Bóna Winery.

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After decades of entrepreneurial activity in other fields, he returned to his roots. He founded his own winery realizing his dream within the framework of organic wine growing and making, while paying tribute to his ancestors.


Born in Rúbaň. He learned the basics of winemaking thanks to his family’s winery in Strekov. He has gained experience in various wineries since his high school studies. Fresh graduate of Mendel University Brno, Faculty of Horticulture, Viticulture and Oenology, Lednice.


Graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava with a degree in Marketing management. Ever since she got an insight into the winery she gradually learns the mysteries of winemaking and wine tasting. Responsible for the marketing communication and customer service.

ĽUBOMÍRA BÓNA Marketing Manager

Average annual temperature is 11.5 ° C


530 mm per year, evenly spread


Loamy, loess soil, in some parts sandy


140 m above sea level on 15 ° gradient.

Szentlászló Vineyard

Bátorove Kosihy’s oldest vineyard

When we are talking about terroir, we don’t mean only just the soil, but everything what happens above the ground, including the history, the culture, the region, the people, the climate, the grape varieties and their interconnection. Centuries ago our ancestors already realized which are those grape varieties that are feeling good here. We rely on the traditional varieties, but we are also trying out new ones adapting to the climate changes. Therefore, you can find Cabernet Franc next to Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling is the neighbor of Merlot, but Rhine Riesling and Muscat Rouge Petit Grains also feel good next to each other.

Bátorove Kosihy

The place where our wines are born


Village Bátorove Kosihy is located in the southern part of Nitra County, inside of the triangle closed by Nové Zámky, Štúrovo and Komárno, and situated almost the same distance from all three mentioned cities. With the population of cca. 3500 inhabitants it is the second largest village in the district of Komárom.


During its busy history, Bátorove Kosihy belonged to Esztergom County, and it was among others owned by the Archdiocese of Esztergom, the Guti Ország, the Báthory and the Pálffy family residences. Moreover, the village inhabitants paid a head tax to the Ottoman Empire for decades. Famous historical figures such as King Sigismund of Luxembourg, János Bottyán, or Artúr Görgey and his military staff visited the area.

Agriculture and Industry

Although the village inhabitants mainly lived from agriculture until the last decades, there are sources which record the presence of a larger number of industrialists from the first half of the 18th century. At the beginning of the Reform Era, Bátorove Kosihy was one of the eight major settlements of Esztergom County. For about a decade, Hungary’s second sugar factory was operating here. In the second half of the 19th century, the activities of József Kováts, a reformed pastor for fruit breeding were of great importance, whose delicious grapes were praised in the Viennese court of Franz Joseph. At the turn of the century, there were two distilleries and also a brewery was operating in the village.

Wine Region

It is likely that the majority of inhabitants were wine drinkers in the past. Lying in the fertile Danubian Lowland on 4 588 hectares, the southern part of the village is plain, while smaller hills can be found in the north-northwestern part. The wine region of Bátorove Kosihy was developed here, formed by two vineyards – Galambos and Szentlászló. A lot of families have been and still are engaged in amateur wine growing and making.  The Wine Festival of Bátorove Kosihy held annually since 2006 brought change. Since then several winegrowers have seen the increased interest in wine culture, therefore the value and quality became a priority. Winegrowing and winemaking set out on the path of development in Bátorove Kosihy.

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