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Bathory red blend II


Classification: Dry red wine

Wine family: Bathory

Grape variety: Dunaj 2021 (40%), Cabernet Franc 2021 (30%) Merlot 2022 (20%)

Sugar content of must: 25 °NM at all the grapetypes

Alcohol by volume: 15 %

Residual sugar: 3,5 g/l

Acidity: 6 g/l

Vineyard: Szentlászló Vineyard (Bátorove Kosihy, Slovakia), organic farming and biological protection

Soil: loamy, clay, loess soil

Winemaking process: hand – picked, spontaneous fermentation with hand punch-downs in open fermenters at 23°C, maturing in premium french and hungarian oak barrels sur lie, blending, bottled without clarification or filtration

Aroma and taste: On the nose dominantnly Dunaj, after a while also Cabernet franc shows up – most intestiveliy you can feel some cherries and plums. On the palate soft and mature tannins, acidity which gives a nice balance, nobless and full-bodied drinking with a long finish. Maturing in various oak barrels gives even more complexity and deepness. Precipitation of tartrate crystals or sediment is the result of a natural process; it does not affect the quality of the wine.

Food pairing: steak, red meat in various ways (wine can be paired with stronger taste ingredients), hard cheese, cocoa desserts, cigars with soft and mid-strong taste

Serving temperature: between 14 – 15 °C

Bottle maturity: 2 – 10 years

Bottle capacity: 0,75 L

Wine suitable for histamine sensitive people (total content under 0,25mg/l).

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