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Merlot 2018


AWC Vienna 2021 – Gold Medal
Víno Bojnice 2021 – Gold Medal
AWC Vienna 2022 – Silver Medal
Bátorove Kosihy wine competition 2023 – Gold Medal
Neded 2023 – Red wine category winner with a Gold Medal


Classification: Dry red wine

Wine families: Low intervention

Grape variety: Merlot

Sugar content of must: 22,5 °NM

Date of harvest: 27th September 2018

Alcohol by volume: 13,5 %

Residual sugar: 1,1 g/l

Acidity:  6,4 g/l

Vineyard: Szentlászló Vineyard (Bátorove Kosihy, Slovakia)

Soil: loamy, clay, loess soil, in some parts sand

Aroma and taste: Dark, garnet-colored wine. The aroma evokes ripe fruit, especially dried plums with a slight vanilla tone, which is nicely followed by chocolate flavor. The tannins create a sweet feeling, evokes a pleasant acerbity in the aftertaste. A well drinkable, medium-bodied wine for the lovers of velvety red wines. Unfiltered, unclarified, without added sulfur. Any precipitation of tartar crystals and sediment that may appear is the result of natural process, it does not reduce the quality of the wine.

Food pairing: steak, game and lamb in various preparations, duck breast, pasta with mushroom or tomato sauce, gouda and Emmental cheese

Serving temperature: 16 °C

Bottle maturity:  5-6 years

Capacity: 0,75 L

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